Why you should utilise a loan calculator

Before you apply for a loan or mortgage you should use a loan calculator to calculate the interest, total payments and monthly or bi-monthly payments on a loan or mortgage. All you have to do is enter your loan amount, interest rate and the number of years you would like to pay off the loan.

Simple_calculatorKarl’s Mortgage Calculator is simply the best and unbiased mortgage calculator around. Spend some time on the calculator to find out how much you can afford to spend to find your dream home. Then get a free quotation and get pre-qualifying for a the loan. It’s a lot easier to buy a car or home if you know in advance that you will be approved.

Before you use Karls Mortgage Calculator below there are a few thing you should consider when applying for a mortgage in addition to the interest rate.

While the mortgage interest rate is an important factor in choosing a lender it is not the only criteria which determines the overall cost of the mortgage. Sometimes a higher interest rate will add up to greater savings when all the fees and costs that are incurred in each step are factored in. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator will help you do that.


Backpackers Travel Insurance

Travel insurance used to be something that people considered unnecessary. In fact, it was a no-no for travel agents to offer this to their clients, lest they want the deal to fall through and not materialize. Today, people know better, and do not need to be prodded by a travel agent to purchase a travel insurance policy that will meet their needs including backpackers travel insurance.

As the types of insurance plans increase, however, confusion as to which fits which type of traveler grows. If you are planning to go backpacking but are unsure which policy to purchase, you came to the right place. This article will give you a rundown of the types of insurance policies out there and for whom they were designed, and their difference with backpackers travel insurance.

First and foremost, it is important that you know what backpacking technically is. Simply put, backpacking is a form of low-cost, no-frills travel that often involves international trips. It was named thus because people who opt for this type of travel often use a backpack – with the implication that only things essential to one’s survival are brought. Through time backpacking became synonymous with being adventurous.

Finding backpackers travel insurance.

Backpackers often take routes normal travelers wouldn’t, and try to see a place as a local would. This means they take public transportation, settle for less-than stellar accommodations, and mingle with the locals. An important difference between backpacking and other types of travel that you should know is that the former takes a longer time than your usual trip. More often than not a backpacking trip lasts for months.

Now on to the matter of backpackers travel insurance. As said in the preceding paragraphs, there are various types of travel insurance that cater to various types of travelers, such as the following:

Single Trip – As implied by its name, this type of insurance will only cover you for one trip. Purchase this policy if you are sure that you won’t be traveling for the rest of the year.

Multi-Trip or Annual – Travel insurance of this type is for people who go on trips frequently. Although more expensive than single-trip insurance, it is better to purchase this if you are not sure how many times you will be traveling in a year.

Group – The paperwork involved in purchasing an insurance policy can be overwhelming. As such, if you are traveling with a group of people, it would be to everybody’s benefit if you purchase group travel insurance instead. This way you will save yourselves from purchasing a policy individually – something that can take time and effort. Just make sure that you all agree when it comes to the coverage options you want to be included in the policy.

Business – If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur who frequently goes on business-related trips, it would be best if you take out a business travel insurance policy. Unlike your regular travel insurance, this policy caters specifically to the needs of someone on a business trip. For example, coverage for any equipment you need for your business is included.

  Long Stay – This type of policy is for those who will be staying for quite some time in their destination. Aside from those who go to other countries to visit relatives and stay for months, backpackers would also do well to purchase this insurance plan given the kind of traveling they do.

However, regardless of what type of Backpackers Travel Insurance you opt for be sure to shop around to get best the deal for your needs